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My key objectives are

  • Dereham Infrastructure – Greens say 'no' to more housing until the infrastructure of Dereham is adapted to cope. We need the traffic congestion reduced, more open space and better pedestrian and cycle facilities.

  • Waste recycling facilities – The Greens find it incredible that we still have no Council-run recycling and disposal facilities after Beetley closed in October 2004! As I write my colleague on the County Council informs us that we are close to gaining our recycling centre. I sincerely hope this is so, as it has been too long.

  • Congestion – The congestion outside schools is a key issue in this ward and across the whole town. I would like it to be possible for children who live close to school to be able to walk or cycle safely to school. This would relieve congestion and it would have health benefits for all. This idea is not new but the Greens have been looking at 'walk to school initiatives' to try and kick start the process.

  • Encouraging public debate – The Greens promote open debate and want public opinion to be LISTENED TO. I will represent your concerns so please get in touch.

Tel: 01362-697613

Email: A.Bowyeremail

Personal Note:

I have been your Dereham town councillor for the past 4 years and seeking re-election for the next 4 years.

Along with other town councillors I have reported your concerns on traffic congestion and traffic speed and as I write this leaflet 4 flashing speed reduction signs are being placed across the town, including Norwich Road.

I am the Council's representative on the French Twinning Association Committee. Currently a group of pupils at Northgate School are involved in a very exciting cross-european project, instigated by the French, which is largely concerned with zero carbon building and transport systems.

As a windmill trustee I am helping to move forward the idea of a sustainable visitor attraction for Dereham.

I am also involved in, and very interested in the Memorial Hall project which should provide a more versatile and up to date space for hire for the people of Dereham.

I want to help improve the quality of life in Dereham which includes maintaining, improving and increasing our open spaces and recreational sites. Sometimes being a Town Councillor isn't enough, it is at District Council level where the influence over planning issues lies, so please vote for me in the District election too.


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